Welcome to our passion! We are a photographer couple who have a lot of fun, and take a lot of photos along the way. We met here in Maui and together helped grow our love of seeing beauty in the world and the people in it. 

We do not like putting ourselves in a box, and aren’t afraid of the journey it takes to make our clients imaginings come true. Whether that be walking the beautiful beaches of Maui, to roaming the lush jungles, to standing on top of a crater. We believe that the adventure makes the memory that much greater. If you are a candid family or adventurous couple we are the perfect fit!

We use the natural light of mornings and evenings as well as flash photography to illuminate our subjects and combine a style of fun candids and classic portraiture.

In a world so grand, there are so many Epic Moments to be found and captured.

Let us capture yours.